Howl Sculpt: super sculpey.  So I decided to use the toaster oven to bake this sculpey howl, and somehow managed to set it to toast as well, so it came out a little...hmm, burnt, you could say.  That's okay, though.  It's just a sketch, and it gave me some neat finish ideas.  I especially like its tail.
Tulip Tree Seed Pod? Husk?: pen, marker on paper.  This is really a tree that keeps on giving cool stuff to draw.  Imagine it a giant drawing!  Amazing!!
Mountain Glitter Cloud Sketch: pencil on paper.
Howl Build Sketch Ideas: pencil on paper.  Thinking of building..
Flower Bird: pen, marker on paper
Collage Messy: paper, graphite, pen, marker.

Day 153: Rainy


Rainy: papers, glitter.
Pie Island: marker, pen, glitter, papers.  Mmm, pie.
Underwater: acrylic paint, marker, pencil, coloured pencil, papers.
Collage With Purple Clouds: Paper collage.